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Monday, April 7, 2008

Label for "No Dragons on my Quilt"

Once upon a time, in Bakersfield California a 4-year-old boy named Eli Haushalter had a hard time going to sleep in his own room, at night. His Grammie, Susan Haushalter, lived in Houston, Texas and would come to visit him. Grammie brought a book to read to Eli at night before bed. The book, "No Dragons On My Quilt", was a big hit with Eli. Grammie had to read it over and over every night before Eli went to bed. Every time Grammie came to visit or Eli came to visit Grammie she would read the book to him. Then one night Grammie said should we make a quilt like the one in the story. Eli said yes, so he colored all the blocks and gave them to Grammie and she made the quilt. Then on Christmas Day 2007 Gammie gave the finished quilt to Eli. Sweet Dreams Eli!